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Loading issues

Our horse Kinga has previously been very difficult to load; once you got her into the trailer, she threw herself backwards before you had a chance to close the rear bar. She has a little difficulty with tight spaces in general, such as wash stalls and shoe stalls. Last winter we were supposed to go to the veterinary clinic, and after a couple of hours of trying to get Kinga into the trailer, we gave up. How lucky that we found Sofia by chance, who then helped us with the loading training! We want Kinga to feel safe entering the trailer, and that's exactly what Sofia achieves—no whips, ropes, brooms, or a head cover. With Sofia's help, we trained both Kinga and ourselves. After a few times, she calmly and gracefully enters the trailer and remains standing without a tendency to want to throw herself out. Sofia always makes sure that the owners can also load in the same way as she does. After that, we loaded her several times ourselves, and it works great. On one occasion, we had a real setback when we were going to a competition. In a messy environment at our horse club with a competition at home, we were to load in a new trailer for Kinga. After a couple of hours, we realised that there would be no competition for us this day, but we still wanted to get Kinga into the trailer. I took a chance and called Sofia, and as incredibly service-oriented as she is, she came right away and helped us. In a quarter of an hour, Kinga was inside the trailer in the same calm way as before, and you get the feeling that something magical is happening. There were many of the "horse people" who wanted to help us with different methods that day, but I'm glad we declined and waited for Sofia. It is a joy to see the calm and interaction that take place when Sofia works. We will hire Sofia again when we have setbacks or need to help Kinga with something else she is having difficulty with. Sofia, we are so grateful, and we hope and believe that many others will take the chance to receive your professional help. - Kinga, Ebba, and Mimmie

Communication & loading issues

Super professional!! Taught me so much about the horse language which is hugely helpful in every situation with my chesnut mare😊 -Gunhild



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