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Introduction offer: 10% discount including one free training session!

Monty Roberts Dually Halters available now, for only 70€, including one free training session (only in Crete) in how to use the Dually, fitting instructions, schooling and some basic leading exercises.

The Dually Halter is a patented schooling halter which effectively rewards horses for acting in partnership with the handler. This useful training aid will help get the most out of your work when leading, loading, long-lining, crossing water, as a bitless bridle and more.

Your horse will teach himself to come off the gentle pressure of the soft, round nose band on the halter when asked, both forward and back. The release of pressure is the reward. Horses find the halter’s comfortable sweet spot and move with you to maintain it, without pain, knots or poll pressure.

But remember, it just doesn't work, until the horseman knows how to handle the Dually Halter and until it fits properly. Those things are essential.

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Feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like to book an appointment.

Sofia Greek

Chania, Greece


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